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Wife attempts to drink rat poison after busting hubby cheating.

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By Staff Reporter

Wife attempts to drink rat poison after busting hubby cheating. A source in contact with this publication said Nokuthula Moyo (36) was saved by some of her neighbours who quickly went and snatched away the poison from her hands before rebuking her for trying to kill herself for a man.

A woman from Cowdray Park left her neighbours shaken when she attempted to drink rat poison as a way of putting an end to the trauma of busting her husband cheating with another woman in the same neighbourhood.

Narrating the ordeal of the events, the source said Moyo was tipped of her husband’s promiscuity by someone and she quickly rushed to where her husband was said to be.

“Moyo was tipped by someone that her husband was seen entering Xolile Ndlovu’s house and when she went to see for herself, Moyo found her husband seating comfortably in Ndlovu’s bed and she quickly concluded that what she heard was true,” said the source.

Moyo is said to have caused a scene, attracting neighbours to come and witness.

“She started calling Ndlovu bad names and swearing at her for stealing her man.

When her husband tried to calm her down,

Moyo lost it and started shouting how useless and foolish he was to cheat a few houses from her,” the source said.

The infuriated Moyo reportedly left the scene and went back to her house where she was restless looking for anything to calm her down.

The source said there were some neighbours that followed her home to counsel her.

They reportedly got the shock of their lives when they got to Moyo’s place as they found her ready to drink rat poison.

“She was sprinkling the poison inside a water tumbler that was in her hand ready to drink it.

“The neighbours quickly rushed to her and snatched the water tumbler from her and threw it away. They started shouting at her for trying to take her life leaving her children to suffer alone,” added the source.

This publication tried to get in contact with the trio, but Moyo’s husband refused to have a word.

“You newspaper people don’t want to leave us in peace. Mind your business and leave me alone,” said Ndlovu.

Meanwhile, Moyo, still bitter about how everything turned out, said she felt disrespected because everyone was now talking about her.

“I don’t think I will ever forgive him (her husband) for doing this to me and taking my love for granted. Because of him I almost left my children alone,” she said.

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