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WHO Warns Against Complacency As Cases Spike Worldwide

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By Lloyd Takawira 

With an sharp spike in cases of coronavirus globally,  the World Health Organization (WHO) have warned governments and nationals against complacency in taking vaccines and abiding against to stipulated WHO covid-19 guidelines as the world battles to stop the spread of the pandemic.

According to the latest WHO report on coronavirus, there is an upsurge in coronavirus cases and deaths in all regions of the world, with Africa slightly less affected than other regions.

Commenting on the report , World Health Organization (WHO) spokesperson Margaret Harris attributes this rise of deaths and new infections  to a multiplicity of  factors, amongst them an increase in coronavirus variants, failure to practice public health measures and the resumption of so-called normal life when people emerge from lockdown.   

She further added that there is a growing complacency that the availability of vaccines will soon end the crisis hence people nolonger practice WHO covid-19 guidelines such as observing physical distancing , washing hands.  

“People are misunderstanding that, seeming to think that vaccination will stop transmission. That is not the case. We need to bring down the transmission while giving the vaccination the chance to stop the severe disease and the severe deaths,” said Harris.    

The latest WHO report bemoaned how wealth nations have had nearly three quarters of the estimated 670 million doses of various vaccines that have been administered globally so far.  

Harris said that , most of the  doses that have been were however to  wealthy countries thus living some third world countries in Africa denting the World  ability to stop the virus.

The latest WHO report further warned that there is a critical shortage of vaccines as evidenced by some countries who cannot start  COVID-19 inoculation campaigns because of the serious shortfall of doses.   

“So, again, what can be done about it? Doubling down on the public health social measures. Truly understanding we have to keep on social distancing, we have to avoid indoor crowded settings. We have to keep wearing the masks, even if vaccinated,” Haris said.      

Commenting on the spike in cases Harris further said that , “until most of the world is vaccinated,  people must not let down their guard. They must remain vigilant and practice the few simple public health measures that have been shown to work”.

Over the days Zimbabwe cases for coronavirus  have gone up  
Latest statistics from the  Zimbabwe’s  Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) have shown an increase in new infections.

The government has promised to act after some schools recorded a sizeable number of new infections.

Latest Statistics in Zimbabwe are as below
New cases: 95
Local Cases: 95
Returnees: 0
Deaths: 3
Tests: 2 407 (Positivity – 4.%)
Vaccinations: 11 694 (first dose); 834 (second dose)
Total Cumulative Vaccinations: 178 237 (first dose); 27 968 (second dose)
Recoveries: 17
National Recovery Rate: 93.8%
Active Cases: 781
Total Cumulative Cases: 37 147
Total Recoveries: 34 831
Total Deaths: 1 535

According to a latest WHO report  more than 133.5 million cases of coronavirus infections, including nearly 3 million global deaths.

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