Home Politics “We were made to watch Zanu PF propaganda documentaries ” Stephen Chuma

“We were made to watch Zanu PF propaganda documentaries ” Stephen Chuma

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira and Kudakwashe Vhenge

MDC Alliance National youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen “Sarkozy” Chuma have revealed chilling experiences that he and 11 others went through whilst in remanded prison.

The 12 were arrested last month at the MDC National Chairperson and Zengeza West legislator Job Sikhala’s place of residence in St Mary’s Chitungwiza for allegedly instigating violence.

They spend almost a month in remand prison after the state refused them bail on several occasions only to be release the 24 of March .

One of the arrested Stephen Chuma issued a statement narrating how they were subjected to inhuman treatment under the watch of one Ronald Chiwakaya who is Officer In Charge at Harare Remand Prison.

Chuma said they were illtrerated by Officer Chiwakaya

“In one instance, the Officer in Charge called me and 12 other co-accused MDC activists to his office whereupon he pulled his 9 millimetre short gun and pointed at us. He started uttering all sorts of polemic attacks on our party and its leadership which he branded as “agents of West”.

“…he threatened us with death and disappearance citing suspicious murders of fallen MDC leader, Learnmore Jongwe and activist Hilton Tamangani at the hands of state” .

Chuma also said they were made to watch Zanu PF documentaries.

“We were made to watch ZANU PF propaganda documentaries for three hours on Friday 20 March and on Tuesday 24 March”.

He also narrated how the squalid conditions at Harare Remand Prison could exacerbate diseases becauae of raw sewer flowing in cell corridors makes the institution a death trap.

“Critical water shortages at the institution compound the situation and as a result there is already fears of typhoid as evidenced by inmates faecal matter laced with blood which could be easily seen in toilets that go for days without water” .

Chuma also bemoaned the overcrowdedness in the cells in the face of novel coronavirus

“With Corona virus on our doorsteps, there are fears that inmates will be wiped out due to over congestion in cells if the pandemic find its way in prisons”.

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