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Water Augmentation delay leads to water shortages

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – The interruption of the Water Augmentation project in Masvingo has led to the introduction of water rationing in the city.

Water shedding is meant to tackle the water shortage problems, an official said.

A timetable has been released which highlights when different locations will receive water. The council zoned the city into three water supply zones that will be supplied with water on two specific days of the week.

The City Acting Town Clerk, Edward Mukaratirwa said, “There is high water demand as a result of high summer temperatures. Water demand is estimated at 45 megalitres per day (ML/Day) against a capacity of 30ML/Day and several areas were going without water for long periods. So as a result to ensure equitable distribution of water.”

The Acting City Engineer added that summer has high temperatures therefore water demand is bound to increase. Our supply capacity is still constrained therefore as long as we have not completed the water augmentation project which requires US$60million; we are bound to experience water shortages every summer season.

The water shedding is as follows.
“Zone A includes; Sisk, New Railways, Mucheke D, Chesvingo, Aphiri and Mucheke A and will get water on Tuesday and Saturday.

Zone B includes; Runyararo West, KMP, Runyararo Northwest, Runyararo Southwest, (Treasure Consultants) and Victoria Ranch and these areas will get water on Monday and Thursday.

Zone C includes Rhodene, Clovelly, Eastvale, ZIMRE, Rujeko A B C, Target Kopje, Pangolin, Majange, Mucheke F, 4 Brigade, 4.1 Combat Group and Clipsham Views and water for these will be supplied on Wednesday and Sunday.

And Zone D which is the CBD, Industry and Hospital will not face water shedding,” said Mukaratirwa.

Fridays are reserve days that will be used to balance the water supply in cases of failure to supply a zone.

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