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WAG hosts Feminist School in Masvingo

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By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – The Women’s Action Group Zimbabwe (WAGZ) is helping women enhance their capacity to influence decisions and have a deeper understanding of feminism through hosting Feminist schools.

The Feminist School was held from the 27-28th of April 2021 with 30 participants at Chevron Hotel in Masvingo. 

WAG is holding the Feminist School in three provinces namely; Masvingo, Bulawayo and Harare under the theme; ‘Building bridges for feminist movement building in Zimbabwe.’

This comes after the realization of the need to build young women to be able to connect with feminist action in community. 

The 2 year program school is aimed at helping women and the society have a deep understanding of feminism, gender equality, power analysis, policy framework and women’s movement building.

Women should be committed to build and sustain the women’s movement in Zimbabwe. Women’s social, economic and political status has to be improved, there is need for women to cross over and be empowered from the negative to the positive side as women in Zimbabwe.

Women are being urged to take part in politics and take part in decision making as decisions made at the top without them being involved will determine the future of every woman and girl child. 

The lack of women participation in leadership and decision making positions contributes to invisibility of women as public actors and deprives them of their equal right to participation. 

In an interview, one of the participants, Spiwe Bhiza said the Feminist School enlightened her a lot and has made her see a bigger picture.

“I used to know feminism existed but l did not have much knowledge about the feminism, the school has enlightened me a lot and opened up opportunities for me. As women it is high time we take charge and be rulers of our destiny, the knowledge that has been shared amongst us is enough to take the movement further. I will share the knowledge l got today with the others and make sure the feminist movement moves forward, we should continue fighting so that feminism is recognized and people know that this is the way to go for us to have a better and bright future,” she said.

In an interview with another lady who was in attendance, she highlighted that feminism is not a bad thing after all as people used to think before.

Feminism is all about empowering women to operate and have a safer space, there are lot of negativity around feminism as most people do not understand what feminism is all about and this is the reason why people are against it, but it is not the thing, feminism is all about empowerment and taking charge of one’s life.

Speaking at the same event, Feminist Talent Jumo said women should take into practice what they will have learnt and just not attend without taking further action in society. Feminism should be understood better and not surround it with negative aspects only. Change should be seen and witnessed to show that women are going somewhere and are ready to be empowered”.

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