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Van Choga collaborates with Ay Poyooo

by BustopTV

By Entertainment Correspondent

Two of Africa’s most creative talents Zimbabwe’s Van Choga and Ghana’s At Poyooo have come together to do a track called Ghetto Rules.

Bustop TV caught up with Van Choga who confirmed that the track is nothing out of their ordinary and is going to come with a video.

“The song is dropping next week. We haven’t set dates yet but the response people have given to the project we are just going to release the song with the video,” said Van Choga

“We worked on the song for two weeks and Marz on the Beat produced the song. The song is still with the producer. It just talks about how the ghetto rules. The lyrics on the song are explosive and we will just do us on the video,” he added.

What is interesting about these two artists is that they both hit the limelight with crazy antics. Ay Poyooo blossomed in the eyes of the world through his “I’m the G.O A.T” video. He has since had a following for his videos which depict insanity yet catchy which makes him a rare talent.

Like Ay Poyooo, Van Choga has hit the social scene with antics of eating raw onions and carrying garbage bags on his shoulder.

The two might either have a very explosive collaboration or a waste of eyes. As often happens when two hyper talents meet.
Van Choga could just set his career going after a messy divorce with Yalanation.

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