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VaChikepe bags prestigious Jamaican award

by Bustop TV News

By Trevor Makonyonga

Zimbabwean poet, Takudzwa “VaChikepe” Chikepe has made a mark after scooping the International Reggae and World Music Awards  (IRAWMA) prestigious award for Best Poet/Spoken Word Entertainer.

In an interview with Bustop TV, VaChikepe said he felt honoured by the prestigious award.

“I am feeling honoured like my name, “Takudzwa”. That is a very new and interesting feeling! Indeed, we all have been honoured from Katanga, to Norton, to Zimbabwe, Africa and the World at large. The feeling is awesome is awesome that history has been made, that VaChikepe is the first African to win the IRAWMA in honour of the Great Mutabaruka.”

VaChikepe also said the award motivated those around him and he has received congratulatory gifts from the community.

“To those around me, they are forced to naturally change their attitudes and perceptions about me and about what I do, and in a good way. It also strengthens relationships in the society; for example one grandmother in my neighborhood on the 20th of May gave a hen after she heard that I won this precious award! As she said, “Welldone, we thank God so much for guiding your ways and also honouring us with this such a Big Gift”.  To me, it has given me confidence that it is possible to continue receiving different and many more Awards, as this is my first award in my life and it has come in its greatness, as a prestigious international award. I am now certain, that I am contributing to the development of Poetry in this world and by God’s Grace, tomorrow is another story to tell.”

The Norton based poet also revealed that he plans to travel to Jamaica and around the region.

“Travelling is a must! Especially to Jamaica, many more African countries and the world at large; and I am going to continue to work hard so that attract sponsors that will help to turn my vision of discovering and developing African Poetry and Art and connecting it with the world at large. ‘Africa is the motherland and mothers are known for their love. Arise and shine mother Africa We need Love in this world.”

VaChikepe added that he hoped with time his newsletter, “The Sailors Review” will be widely read in Africa.

“By 2023, I pray and hope that The Sailors Review will be the best newsletter/journal in and out of Africa. By 2026, many superstars will be born from the Sailors Community, especially Poets and we would have achieved one of our goals of redefining the meaning of art and its power. After this, God knows what will happen next, as resilience and sustainability in the Arts Industry will be our industry through connecting with different Art Houses in this world. It’s true, my gifts will lead me where they are leading me. But I will also help others to know and understand their gifts as well. To me poetry is a blessed way of life and publishing is the power of love. I guess we will just continue to be us and all that we will become.”

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