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UN expresses concern over Chitungwiza flooding

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Lloyd Takawira

The United Nation’s (UN) office in Zimbabwe has urged that immediate action be taken to assist Chitungwiza families that were affected by heavy rains that left a trail of distruction in the town recently.

This comes after parts of the dormitory town including Zengeza 4 and Unit L Seke were hard hit by the rains that poured last week.

In pictures and videos circulating on social media houses were heavily flooded.

In a statement United Nations said immediate action is needed to address the drainage system as well as assist the affected families .

“Floods in Chitungwiza cause serious concern on water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Immediate action is required to ensure safe water supply & conduct hygiene & sanitation promotion in affected communities. Safe running water is also key in  #COVID19 prevention”.

The statement from United Nations follows an order to Chitungwiza municipality by Chitungwiza Residents Trust ” CHITREST”.

In a letter, the residents lobby group compelled the municipality to attend to the drainage system.

Through the the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR), Chitungwiza Residents Trust CHITREST in a letter wants the municipality to  “urgently repair and maintain or install water drainage system in Chitungwiza”. 

Due to the heavy torrential downpours, Chitungwiza suburbs some of them built on wetlands have suffered from flooding.

One affected resident, a Pastor who filmed himself together with his family in a flooded house with most of the property destroyed blamed the council for not properly constructing drainage system.

A motorist reportedly escaped unhurt after his car was swept away while trying to cross the flooded Duri stream which divides Zengeza and Nyatsime, a new residential site in Chitungwiza.

Chitungwiza has been invaded by land barons who have taken advantage of desperate home-seekers to parcel out housing stands on wetlands.

Recently the anti-corruption commission arrested two of the most notorious land barons,  Dr Fredrick Mabamba and Taurai Chivhanga. 

Over 11 000 houses that were built on illegally allocated land could be razed to the ground by the council.

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