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UK based musician, Mbuya Bee gives back to society.

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Blessed is the hand that gives not that receives, says UK based musician, Beatrice Masvingise Chitumbura as she is playing her philanthropic role and helping people back home in Zimbabwe during the national lockdown.

Also known as Mbuya Bee, she has earned the Mother Theresa title in United Kingdom where she teaches Shona at Londoners Rose.

Mbuya Bee who heads the Kubatana Community said to her charity work is in-born.

At Kubatana centre, they teach women and children their culture; cooking, arts, dancing, singing and African games as well as hosting a children’s holiday club.

Mbuya Bee extended her helping hand to the vulnerable groups in Masvingo last week.

“I heard there are the visually handicapped who are living in Mucheke A and do not have a proper place to stay and are struggling to make ends meet. So with the little l had l liaised
with the Masvingo Gospel singer Ratidzo Wekare and she did the ground work.

“They managed to find firewood for them to use as it was one challenge they identified. They distributed soya chunks for relish as well. Face masks is now a requirement for everyone during difficult times we are facing so we managed to secure them face masks,” said Chitumbura.

She plans to drill boreholes at schools in her rural home in Zaka.

Mbuya Bee said that people are facing hardships during the lockdown hence it is her duty to help others through Kubatana Centre as they prepare their traditional meals and deliver to homes.

Masvingo gospel singer, Ratidzo Wekare said she was happy with Mbuya Bee’s charity work.

“Mbuya Bee is doing great work both here in Zimbabwe and abroad and we are grateful she is extending her hand to the needy and l am honoured to be part of her initiative. I was just having a conversation with her and that is when she asked to identify people we can help and then reported back to her.

“All the things we gave out to the people we did record them for transparency sake and this is what we hope for, for the future, everything we give back to the community should be accountable for and transparent,” she said.

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