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Uebert Angel Foundation donates to Chitungwiza.

by BustopTV

By Kudakwashe Vhenge

United Kingdom based cleric and businessman, Uebert Angel on Tuesday donated maize meal to over 1 000 families in Chitungwiza through his foundation.

Presenting the donations to residents, Pastor Felix Angel, the senior Pastor for Spirit Embassy in Zimbabwe mentioned that the benevolent act is in respect to a pledge that has been made by Uebert Angel in the beginning of lockdown to feed people.

The Uebert Angel Foundation said it was well aware that people had been affected by the global pandemic.

Zimbabwe began its Covid-19 induced lockdown on March 31 which was then slightly eased and extended indefinitely on May 16.

The move which is meant to slow the spread of the deadly pandemic has crippled people’s livelihoods as major economic activities have been put to a halt increasing food scarcity amongst other basic amenities throughout the country.

“The man of God is moving from town to town, last week but one we were in Honde Valley, the other time we were in Mutorashanga with different MPs and Ministers doing similar donations. The prophet is buying the maize meal and grocery hampers and giving people for free, there is nothing that the people are paying and he is doing this not only in Zimbabwe but also in different parts of the world,” said Pastor Felix Angel.

Acknowledging the reception of donations, Chitungwiza Mayor, Lovemore Maiko expressed gratitude for the swift response that they received after approaching the Uebert Angel Foundation to give relief aid to the under privileged members of the the community.

“We actually approached them (Uebert Angel Foundation) sharing with them the challenges that we are facing as a community especially during these difficult times of Covid-19 pandemic. When we reached out appealing for assistance, they positively responded by making sure that today over 1 000 families have benefited as a result of the assistance from prophet Uebert Angel.

Maiko also highlighted that they made an effort together with other councilors from different wards to identify the less privileged.

“What we have done is that across the wards in Chitungwiza, the local councilors and various stakeholders were involved in the process of identifying the elderly, the less privileged and the vulnerable members within our community so that they can benefit as a result of this exercise,” he said.

Founded by the Prophet Angel and his wife Beverly Angel in November of 2015, the Uebert Angel Foundation is involved in charity work including payment of tuition fees and provision of groceries to underprivileged families in different parts of the world mainly in Asia and Africa.

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