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Traditional Court Orders DNA tests

by Bustop TV News

By Bustop TV

A Rushinga family has been ordered to resort to the DNA test before determination of their case after a man accused his friend’s wife of having children from an extramarital affair.

Itai Nyaruso of Rusambo area dragged Tafadzwa Sam to Chief Rusambo’s court after the latter scolded her.

“I need to know why you cursed me saying I was a prostitute and my husband was barren to the extent of saying I sired two children with two boyfriends you mentioned by names,” Nyaruso told the court.

Nyaruso is married to Shungu Masike who is friends to the accused Sam.

Sam said he had been initially insulted by Nyaruso.

“I did that in retaliation to what she said to me at first.
“I’m the first victim of her verbal insult and I did not report it to the local courts because I knew we are closely related with her husband,” Sam said.

Sam said he received many secrets from Nyaruso’s husband including a great number of her weaknesses that her own husband ended up blaming her.

However, Masike denied all the allegations.

“I have never had such relations with him to disclose that to him,” said Masike.

Sam provided the two men’s names who he claimed sired children with Nyaruso.

“I have tangible information that Nyaruso at times planned to get maintenance from one boyfriend.”

Chief Rusambo allowed the parties to conduct DNA tests before the case could be judged.

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