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Too blessed not to sing

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Most secular musicians have a popular line that they seem to all agree on. The line is “I started singing in church.” The question that should follow after that is, what happened for you to live church music?

For 21year old Melisa Munyoro, there seems to be no force or power that will ever change her desire to sing in church and to sing for church folks. She has shown her desire of sealing her stamp as a Gospel musician by releasing her first single titled Too Blessed. 

Moving from doing covers in church to writing and recording own music is not always easy for music ministers within the church setup. For Melisa, who uses the name Melz of the Most High, her motivation came from the desire for people “making confessions to their lives” by singing along to her music.

If you check music is medicine to a lot of people and because of that i saw a great opportunity to preach the word of God to the whole world through music for I know that in singing along one will be making confessions to his/her life knowingly or unknowingly. 

So basically what I’m saying is the word of God motivated me and the gift God gave me also played a part to perfect my motivation,” she said.

The song Too blessed” is, to Melz, a proclamation of the things she has experienced since she became born again. She said that when she got born again and received Christ all she has experienced are blessings in her life.

“God has been so wonderful in my life since I gave my life to Christ and received the Holy Spirit. I have experienced quiet a number of things that I know that it wasn’t by might nor by power but by the Spirit that chose to direct, guide and lead every path of my life and also dwelling in me which I saw blessings locating me everywhere I was. 

I really had a conviction that I really need to write about the blessings of the Lord in my life that were plenty and beyond my imagination for where I am coming, you would really understand why I’m Too Blessed.” said Munyoro.

Apart from singing about what God has done for her, the singer said that it is her desire to transform lives through her singing. Bringing people closer to God is all she yearns for.

“I don’t just want to sing but I want to transform lives. Someone somewhere should be able to thank me for getting him or her close to God. That’s all I want to achieve. I want my music to be evangelical to the people rather than me knocking and talking to the people about Jesus Christ, I think music will assist my evangelism for I want people to know about, she added.

Melz also said that she believes she has “a supernatural voice” and that is what makes her music unique.

“The starting point will be my voice that is super packaged with the Holy Spirit vocal chords attached to it, for whenever I sing I really understand that this voice is not ordinary but supernatural for all it does is convey a message to the world of how God is not worried about your sins but can bless excessively if you only believe and trust in him and putt him first in everything,” she said.

The artist, who is currently studying Peace and Governance at Bindura University, said that Too Blessed is her first single to be released. She has however composed but hasn’t released some of her songs as yet.

The song Too blessed by Melz of the Most High can be accessed on https://christiandevotional.com.ng/too-blessed-by-melisa-munyoro/ and https://christianmusic.christiandevotional.com.ng/too-blessed-by-melisa-munyoro/

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