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Toite Bira album launches newly branded Taffy WeBowera

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Trevor Makonyonga

CONTEMPORARY Afro-pop artist, Taffy weBowera, real name Hilton Tafadzwa Kadzinga has had a new lease of life in art as his transition from dancehall to Afro music seems to be paying off after the celebration of his Toite Bira debut album.

Toite Bira has been receiving good reviews with the visuals for his song Hesi Kani which has become somewhat of a sensation on YouTube. 

In an interview with Bustop TV, Taffy weBowera said that 2021 is the year he seeks to solidify his brand.

“2021 as Taffy weBowera, I had trials that I was doing where I wanted to see if I could fully transform from dancehall to contemporary music. I have realized that I am doing well and Taffy is here to stay. This year, 2021, we will be using a live band and I think starting from May we will be working on our new project.

“To my fans and followers, I just want to promise them fireworks. The last project was a learning process and this time we have acquired more knowledge so we are going to give you good music,” he said.

Toite Bira is a nine-track album which is rich in tradition and there is some ineffable spirituality in the album which can’t be left alone to sleep.

Speaking about his music, Taffy weBowera said that his music is hinged on his spirituality and that as Africans that part of tradition does not have to be overlooked.

“As a dancehall artist, I worked with big artists like Shinsoman, Dadza D and Guspy Warrior. I was also part of a very big dancehall stable.

“Unfortunately, I am not going to tell about my former self as I have started something new. Taffy weBowera is all about reminding the youths of our roots.  Where we come from as Africans. We were not just born, we came from somewhere. Some of us are forgetting where we are coming from because of social media.

“I want to remind the youths using my music that we have our roots. I think I was sent to preach that message.”

Taffy weBowera said.Taffy also shared his fantasy of working with the Sungura king himself, Alick Macheso.

“I wish to collaborate with Macheso because he is one huge artist. If he agrees to a collabo, I will run right now. Everyone listens to Baba Macheso and with the kind of music that I am doing now, if I could collaborate with Baba Macheso, we will come up with something big,” he said.

Taffy weBowera started off as a dancehall artist and for a decade he was in this genre being part of one of the biggest labels in Zimbabwe. He has since transitioned to Afro beats and his music can be viewed on YouTube. 

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