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‘Tipp-Ex President’ Mutharika’s appeal dismissed.

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

In a landmark ruling , neighbouring Malawi’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday threw out an appeal by the President Peter Mutharika .

Professor Mutharika whom the court earlier on declared duly elected fraudlently had sought to have the court of appeal suspend the enforcement of a historic annulment of the last presidential elections.

The Malawian Constitutional Court upheld the original verdict of the High Court which ordered a new election within 150 days and presidential election of 2019 stands nullified.

One of Malawian daily “Nation Newspaper” reported that the court dismissed the Presidents appeal and the elections body, both of whom had moved to challenge the outcome of an opposition poll petition.

The court ruled that the first respondent’s (Peter Mutharika) application to stay the 3rd Feb 2020 ruling is dismissed in its entirety, the newspaper reported.

The paper also reported that the Malawian Electoral Commissions argument about the cost of conducting fresh elections as basis for staying the Concourt ruling, court was dismissed this saying if there will be any costs to be incurred and losses made it will be squarely on Malawian.

The Malawian High court had on February 3 nullified the results of the May 2019 presidential election, citing “widespread, systematic and grave” irregularities including significant use of correction fluid to alter the outcome.

However rumours filtering from the neighbouring Malawi is that Professor Peter Mutharika will not be contesting the rerun in the next 150 days .

The source say Mutharika has instructed his party to look for a young successor to replace him .

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