SWAZ Condemns Sports Journalist’s Kidnapping

By Sports Reporter

The Sports Writers Association of Zimbabwe (SWAZ) has condemned the kidnapping and beating of Sunday Mail Sports Reporter Langton Nyakwenda over the weekend

Nyakwenda was kidnapped by a group of men at Zengeza 2 Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza on Sunday in connection with a video interview which he claims not to know about.

He reported that he was abducted and beaten-up by the gang for almost three hours as they further threaten to burn his Chitungwiza house with petrol bombs.

In a strongly worded statement, the country’s sports scribes’ association condemned the actions of the yet to be known assailants adding that every accredited journalist has to be free to do his work. 

“The cowboy-style kidnapping ordeal he (Nyakwenda) endured was in connection with some video interview which he was not part of. The Sportswriters Association of Zimbabwe (SWAZ) condemns in the strongest terms such flagrant abuse of human rights and uttermost disrespect of Press Freedom which is guaranteed and enshrined in the national constitution.

“Every licenced journalist is free to practice within the confines of the law in Zimbabwe and any aggrieved parties should follow the laid-down legal procedures for redress, instead of taking the law into their own hands as what happened on 21 February 2021. What makes Nyakwenda’s abduction more appalling is that he was not even involved in the production that agitated the gangsters leading to them committing a serious crime.

“Nyakwenda told SWAZ, “The gang abducted me for almost three hours beating me up and threatening to burn my house with petrol bombs demanding that I admit I was part of the said video.

“They extorted $US20 which I had on me and also confiscated and destroyed my phone which was later recovered after police intervention.” 

The matter is currently being handled by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, St Mary’s station under RRB 4581328.

SWAZ appeals to the law enforcers to leave no stone unturned in pursuing these violent outlaws and also urges Police to bolster Nyakwenda’s security until the kidnappers are brought to book.

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