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“Stop Politicking About Sanctions” Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition

by Bustop TV News

By Lloyd Takawira

The ZANU PF led government has been told by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition to face reality and stop politicking about targeted sanctions imposed on some of its ruling elites and entities.

In a statement, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition which is an umbrella body coordinating civil society organizations focusing on democracy and good governance, said that the ZANU PF led government should not use targeted sanctions as a scapegoat in evading allegations of gross corruption and looting of national resources by the political elites connected to it.

“Human rights abuses, a legitimacy crisis on the part of ZANU PF following the disputed 2018 elections, weaponization of the law through judicial capture, shrinking of the democratic space, militarization of key state institutions, and a constitutional crisis among other ills are the key issues that the current government must face head on. These are the real vices that continue to alienate the country from the international community,” said the statement

Last week ZANU PF party led a series of demonstrations against restrictive sanctions which they blame for the economic stagnation.

The ruling ZANU PF party blames the opposition MDC Alliance and some civil society organization for colluding with the Western governments in imposing sanctions .

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