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Stewart Nyamayaro: Enigma behind Passion’s fame

by Bustop TV News

The Herald

Due to Covid-19 which has affected a lot of businesses, entertainment to social life, many people have now resorted to social media for leisure.

Even some film makers are struggling to come up with their blockbusters because they can’t finish the projects due to some restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Well, it seems the social media has since stepped in as a source of entertainment.

Of late, prominent and controversial clergy Passion Java has been hogging the limelight on social media, yes of course, entertaining us either way.

But wait a minute!

Is all what he is doing a script, strategy or real.

Java even confessed on live radio recently that there is a strategy for whatever he does.

Asked in an interview what his controversy was all about, he said: “Yes, there is a strategy to my foolishness. Foolishness sells…”

Since his intentions have been confirmed, who then is behind the enigma Java.

Just like the popular series Money Heist, the professor plans the strategy but he is never known.

There is only one episode where the professor was almost caught, but he got away with it.

In Java’s case, the man behind his rise to fame, who has been until now never talked about, is Stewart Nyamayaro.

Well, for those who know, Nyamayaro is not one person who can turn heads in the streets, but his name will remain etched in the local arts industry hall of fame.

The media shy digital marketer has managed to propel brands and push them to dizzy heights, with Java being one of his biggest projects.

The ‘faceless’ character had until now chosen to remain ‘unknown’ and preferred to work behind the scenes.

In an exclusive interview with The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle, Nyamayaro opened the lid on how he started digital marketing and has become a force to reckon with on social media trending traits.

He never went to university to master his trade of pushing and building brands, he is self-taught.

“I am a young self-motivated Zimbabwean who chose to teach himself how digital media works to build brands,” said Nyamayaro. “Without blowing my own trumpet, I believe I contributed to the growth of Zimdancehall on social media.”

Nyamayaro is the one behind writing scripts for Java’s skits, but says he writes content working behind the scenes.

“The less the attention, the more I get to focus on what I do best,” said Nyamayaro who has made Java’s brand for the past five years. “Glory hunting has never been my thing.”

His modus operandi are reminiscent of Dr Zobha who concealed his identity, but shook the arts industry with his sheer brilliance behind the microphone.

The 24-year-old Nyamayaro says his concepts are inspired through meditation and consultation with friends.

“Most of the times I go to a silent place then I just start meditating on how I would like things to be done,” he said. “At times I consult some of my close friends and they assist me in the best way possible.”

To date, Nyamayaro has worked with Roki, Jah Prayzah, Fungisai Zvakavapano, Holy Ten, Enzo Ishall, Killer T and Guspy Warrior, among others.

He revealed that it was a turbulent journey to get recognition in the industry, but he soldiered on and followed his passion and vocation.

“It was not an easy road, there was a bit of challenge when I started because people were not much into social media unlike now,” said Nyamayaro.

“Back then I could barely make a lot of money out of it.”

Nyamayaro bemoaned lack of unity among artists.

“I noticed we lack unity, especially people in the arts industry,” he said. “The best way we can move forward is when we learn to embrace each other’s craft, support each other, and trust me we have a potential to reach the international market.”

Nyamayaro said the Covid-19 pandemic changed the normal way of life, but it somehow helped him to smile all the way to the bank through his innovation.

He urged people to mask up and follow World Health Organisation guidelines and protocols.

“This pandemic is real, but God has been faithful,” he said. “Being someone who is focused on social media (digital marketing) ever since the pandemic started it has been like a blessing in disguise. I get to make a few dollars out of it because people are now into social media.”

Nyamayaro’s contribution to the arts via social media is immense, but he chooses to live like a ‘ghost’.

He said he will continue working behind scenes and this also protects him and his family.

“I like to keep my life private,” he said. “I just want to live a normal life. Not many people know about me and it is easy for me to move around in shops, hang around with my friends and I can say it is safe for me.”

Asked who is his best artiste among those he has worked with, Nyamayaro said it was too hard to mention names, but was happy with the talent he meets everyday.

“I can’t put myself on the spotlight to say John is better than Peter,” he said.

“I am a content creator not a fan of these artistes. I am just paid to do my job according to their script and I enjoy that. I don’t have a favourite artiste so far.”

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