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Simuka celebrates love in laughter

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Valentine’s Day is often celebrated at movie houses, restaurants and parks. Some go for musical shows and are serenaded by their favourite artists and that love vibe is kept in the slowness of the dances and the music.

Rarely do people laugh away the day as most prefer for it to be sentimental and emotional.

It is with this rarity in mind that Simuka Comedy will host two shows this Valentine to induce laughter in love.

The comedy show will be held at Ligi Sports Bar in Mabelreign, Harare.

Speaking to Bustop TV, award-winning comedian and Simuka Comedy founder, Victor ‘Doc Vikela’ Mpofu said the shows will be different from what they normally do.

“We will host a pre-Valentine show on the 13th of February at Ligi Sports Bar. We expect people to have fun and we expect couples to come through. There is always this belief that people go to restaurants and music shows.

With comedy people will laugh at the jokes, they will laugh through their lives and their relationships. When we do our shows at Ligi it is always different there are no gags and we engage with the audience more.”

The comedian also said that the show will be of the same quality as every other Simuka show.

“What we expect is unexpected laughter to continue giving people what we have already been serving them that has characterised the resurgence of new Simuka Comedy. Every venue has its dynamics and every show is different.”

The star-studded line up will include Ckhanyiso Dat Guy, Bhutisi and Tinaye Chiketa headlined by Doc Vikela.

On Valentine’s Day, the comic wagon will descend upon Masvingo for a show hosted by Uncle Banana.

Dubbed the Special Class comedy night, the show will feature comics from the ZTV series of the same name who include Kadem who plays Captain Tito, Tinaye ‘Constable’ and Doc Vikela.

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