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Sikhala sends chilling warning to stalkers

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

MDC Alliance deputy National Chair, Job Sikhala has warned chauffeurs and stalkers who are visiting his St Mary’s residence at night that they have themselves to blame if anything happens to them.

The firebrand Zengeza West legislator who is highly critical of President Mnangangwa’ administration in a statement claimed there were people who visited his residence looking for him.

Sikhala said , “so they come to my house at 2am asking for me ? What kind of arrest is that when l spend most of my time at police stations as a lawyer representing different clients. For the record , for the past two weeks l was at the law and order representing different people who were facing different political charges.”

He went on to question the motive of the people whom he believes are security apparatus intending to arrest him.

“I’m a telephone away from asking me to report to any police station if l have any criminal charge to answer.

“Invading our homes at night will lead us to commit crimes we never intended to commit for the rest of my life.”

According to analyst, Malcom Zipi as the much tauted July 31 demonstration gathers momentum reports indicate that the state has activated it’s tooth and has drawn a number of tactics including abductions, production of fake documents as well as arrests of masterminder to quell dissent.

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