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Sikhala rubbishes Mnangagwa engagement claims

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Lloyd Takawira 

MDC Alliance deputy national chair, Job Sikhala has rubbished claims that he is keen on having a dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This follows a Daily News front page story suggesting the firebrand opposition politician felt it was “time to talk to Mnangagwa”.

In a thinly veiled salvo, the Zengeza legislator maintained his stance that he had no intention to negotiate with Mnangagwa as he had no respect for him.

“The Daily News really shocked me by leading their paper with lies intending to blackmail my person by a lying headline that I suggested on my Twit which I called the people of Zimbabwe to unite to confront our mirage of governance challenges on the problems authored by Emmerson Mnangagwa”.

Sikhala said at no time has he called for engagement with President Mnangagwa . 

“In desperate, attempts to bid for whomever they work for, they claim that I am now of changed heart that I urge people to engage with Emmerson Mnangagwa. My foot!!. This is the rubbish of the century”.

“I have got no grain of respect for Emmerson Mnangagwa for their record and will never wish a right thinking person to even talk to him . I have no aota of respect for Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday, today and tomorrow for me to suggest any form of talk with him”.

Sikhala went on to clarify that he meant confronting Mnangagwa and not dialogue.

He said, “For clarity the unity by my Twit was unity to confront Mnangagwa and not the self serving wishes as spoken by the Daily News”.

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