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Should abortion be advocated for?

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu 

Masvingo – People share mixed feelings when it comes to the issue of abortion which remains illegal in Zimbabwe and only legal on three different situations.The consideration of abortion as illegal has been considered by some as a thwart to ones right to decide on their own. People do advocate for abortion but in a private sphere as they fear being labeled by the society.

The fact that abortion is illegal in Zimbabwe does not mean that no abortion is taking place. Abortions are taking place each and every day and leading to many deaths within the girl child as they are going through life threatening abortions. Then the questions stands, should abortion remain illegal or abortion should be advocated for and made legal and accessible for everyone. 

Interviews conducted by Bustop TV revealed that the majority of the people agreed with abortion remaining illegal as legalizing it will ‘promote promiscuity’.

One Mitchel Gwaze said legalizing abortion will be an abuse of the law.

“Legalizing abortion is not a good idea as teenagers will totally abuse that law and engage in all sorts of promiscuity as they will know that once they fall pregnant they can visit any doctor and get an abortion. Life is very precious and like the bible says, ‘Do not kill’ so by advocating for the legalization of abortion it is another way of proving that life is not precious”.

“Killing an innocent soul is just not right, life should be precious. 
Legalizing abortion for everyone will promote lose morals, mistakes do happen in life but we should be prepared to handle them in a more holistic manner,” she said. 

Joel Chituma said abortion must be legalized when one gets raped or if there is a medical condition as per government law, if the abortion is not based on the two mentioned circumstances, people should face reality”. 

Not everyone had the same view that legalization of abortion should not be advocate for, speaking on condition of anonymity, a 35 year old lady said.

“Abortion must be legalized as people are engaging in sexual activities and abortions are being done every day and many are losing their lives because of the dangerous ways being carried out. 

“Legalizing abortion will include a lot of things as there should be creation of pre and post abortion counseling centers to cater for those involved. Not everyone is prepared to be a parent and that should be respected. A lot of children grow up without the care they need because of the circumstances they have found themselves in as a result of rendering abortions illegal in the country but this can be avoided through legal, safe and free for those willing to go through termination”. 

If abortion is to remain a secrecy at least there should be sex education on the access to reproductive health services for all ages as this can also make a difference. 

Legal practitioner, Fidelis Nyamukondiwa states that in the country abortion is only legal in three aspects in the country listed in section 4 of Chapter 15:10 of the Constitution which is the Termination of Pregnancy Act and any termination done outside the four corners of the Act is illegal and unconstitutional.

Thus means any person who aborts not in accordance with this Act commits an offense and must be arrested and prosecuted for contravening section 3 of the Act.

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