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Senior Passport Officer in court for raping colleague

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo- Provincial accounting officer at the Masvingo passport offices today appeared in court facing charges of raping a fellow female colleague at their offices.

Julius Chimombe appeared before Masvingo Regional Magistrate, Dambudzo Malunga and he denied the charges laid against him.

Prosecutor Liberty Hove told the court that Chimombe raped the complainant on different occasions in 2017 at the passport offices.

The victim (name withheld), aged 37, did not report the matter as she feared victimization and also wanted to save her marriage.

The court was told that whenever the accused Chimombe abused his subordinates he would brag about it and told them that he was highly connected and had links in the police force and judiciary and could make a life for the victims miserable if they reported.

The matter came to light after the complainant received a transfer letter and consulted her lawyer if the movement was procedural before telling the legal counsel about the sexual abuses at the workplace and was advised to make a police report leading to the arrest of Chimombe.

She decided to report the matter but it was ignored and not given attention.

She had reported to provincial registrar Mr. Mahuni and also to provincial registrar, Mrs Chasi.

It is said that Chasi told her that there were several rape allegations and the Masvingo passport offices and there was nothing she could do and she encouraged her to forget about the issue and continue doing her job as normal.

The matter is going to resume on the 6th of February and two officials are going to testify in court.

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