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Seke Teachers College dismisses late collecting fee news

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Lerato Ndlovu

The student community of Seke Teachers College is highly charged with messages circulating on social media of the institution urging them to pay a late fee collection of USD$10 or equivalent for collecting their Diplomas and transcripts after the stipulated time frame.

According to the students that communicated with this reporter they stated that there seemed to be improper communication channels within the institution when it comes to interacting with the students and former students in regards to transcript and Diploma collection issues.

“We were not told when our transcripts and diplomas were at the institution, we heard about it through grapevine, considering that the majority of the student community does not stay in Chitungwiza, travelling has been an issue due to the intense lockdown measures that were upon the country, we were forced to wait till they were relaxed so that we could go to the institution.

“Messages started circulating on the various social media platforms stating that the institution had ordered that all those who failed to collect their transcripts and diplomas are to pay a late fee of USD $10 or equivalent which is RTGS $850,” they said.

Some students from the 2019 graduating class are said to have had paid the fine, since the responsible Ministry is in need of the diplomas in order to employ the newly trained teachers.

The Institutions Vice Principal Ms Maunganidze said the message circulating is false and has been spiced up to the interest of those who want to tarnish the image of the institution.

 “It’s a hoax that’s circulating for the 2019 classes, we know of the pandemic and how it affected operations countrywide, 2019 and 2020 classes are just urged to come with their clearance forms and collect their transcripts and diplomas.

“At the moment we have plenty boxes with certificates coming through from as far as 1999 to date that were not collected, those from 2018 going backwards are the ones that are encouraged to pay a search fee for their diplomas to be looked for and issued to them,” she said.

She alluded that the 2019 and 2020 classes should not listen to what people are saying but get in touch with the institution directly, and those with fees arrears are expected to pay up their dues in order to access their diplomas.

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