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Security guard jailed for cable theft

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Crime and Courts Reporter

 Masvingo – Muringani garage security guard, James Masonere has appeared before the Masvingo Magistrates court for theft of 40 kilograms of ZETDC copper cables worth US$800.

The possession of such copper cables is against the provisions of the Electricity Act Chapter as Amended by the Criminal Law Amendment.

The accused resides in Mucheke.

The complainant, ZETDC being represented by Abel Mundondwa who is employed by ZETDC as a Loss Controller.

Masonere on the 11th of October 2020 unlawfully took possession of the material used in the connection with the generation, distribution or supply of electricity at Mucheke Light industry.

 On the same day, at around 09:00hours, Sergeant Charlie Nkala and Constable Chipengo and Constable Tshuma were on patrol in Mucheke Light Industry, Masvingo when they intercepted the accused person who was carrying a sack which appeared to be containing heavy contents.

 The Police Officers searched the sack and discovered that it contained some copper cables which belonged to ZETDC. The accused person was then arrested for possessing copper cables without any lawful excuse. The copper cables were identified by Mundondwa the ZETDC Loss Controller ads property of ZETDC.

On the 12th of October 2020 at around 09:00 hours, Police Officers then escorted the accused person and the copper to Vehicle Examination Department (VID), Masvingo where the copper was weighed. It was weighed in the presence of a ZIMPOST, Masvingo official and had a total mass of 40 kilograms.

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