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School children hiking private transport at risk – PAZ

by Bustop TV News

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has implored government to provide enough public transport vehicles to cater for school children.

Citizens are currently facing transport woes worsened by police’s crack down on private transport operators.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, PAZ president, Tafadzwa Goliati said students are now forced to board unsafe private transport vehicles to and from school.

“We have observed that school children in Hopely and Gazabo (Tafara/Mabvuku) which are recently new residential areas are using private vehicles to travel to and from school.

“These vehicles which include overloaded Honda Fits whom some of them do not have third party number plates and passenger liability cover,” Goliath said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting, Monica Mutsvangwa in a press cabinet briefing, Tuesday, said government is procuring 667 new Zupco buses.

“On enhanced public transport logistics, Cabinet resolved to support the urgent procurement or hire of an additional 667 buses to enable ZUPCO to provide a more efficient service to all high density surbubs.

“ZUPCO is going to revive traditional bus routes, using designated bus stops, adhering to the stipulated time table and improving the electronic payment system,” she said.

In addition to their statement, PAZ requested government to resuscitate the country dilapidated roads.

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