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Sammy Bennet Foundation continues to impact lives of the less-privileged

by BustopTV

By Kudakwashe Vhenge

In yet another act of benevolence, the Sammy Bennet Foundation rekindled Tassilla Masvino’s (20) dream to complete her tertiary education

Tassilla Masvino a girl from Nyanyadzi village in Chimanimani district, Manicaland Province South-east of Zimbabwe who aspires to work in the Power Generation Industry one day was on the verge of dropping out of school before the timeous intervention from the charity organization.

Right as she was about to drop out of the tertiary education, the foundation redeemed her dreams by paying a total amount of money for her course totaling USD$6 000 tuition fees.

Bustop TV followed up on this act of kindness and caught up with the Foundation’s Zimbabwe Programs Director Pastor Farai Marasha who explained how they heed the call to help the young lady.

“Her father reached out after reading a story on from The Herald when we were providing clean water to the residents in Budiriro and Waterfalls. He then made a follow up and contacted us via our Facebook page after realizing that we also assist children with school fees.

“As per norm, we dont give out assistance without assessing the situation on the ground, therefore our team went to their homestead to have an appreciation of their situation and that is when we established that there is a need as the young girl was about to drop out of school.

The initial plan was to help out the family in boosting their chicken rearing project which they were operating so as to raise her school fees. After some talk with Sammy Bennet Sikazwe (Founder) we decided to pay the USD$6 000 fees and on top of that boost their chicken project from 25 to 100 birds of chicken which we did, narrated Pastor Marasha.

Tassilla’s father, Pfungwa Masvino, 47 who is a government employee narrated to this publication how he was struggling to send his firstborn child to school and how his life was made easy by this kind gesture.

“In the year 2019, she (Tassilla) applied for a, Diploma Course in Power Plant Operations at ZESA National Training Center and was offered a place. The required fees which included boarding and feeding was totaling to over RTGS$ 8 000 by that time, September 2019. It was far unreachable by that time, so I openly told her that she should forget about it as my take home salary was only RGTS$456,00.

“She begged and cried, until I negotiated with the training institute to do away with feeding and boarding and was allowed to pay $2000, but still it was too high. I struggled to raise the money through broiler project of 25 birds. I managed to push through to second block and fees were raised to rtgsRTGS$5600.

“In 2020, the institute advised us that fees will be revised upwards. It then became apparent to me that my daughter will be a drop out and her dreams of venturing into the career apparently meant for the richly back grounded children will be a dream failed.

“My limited capacitated broiler project could not sustain the rising fees. I then spoke to my inner person that if I could expand the broiler project to at least 100 birds, I will manage to fund my daughter. I knocked at every possible door I could think of for assistance, but no help came through.

“In the month of June 2020, as I was reading a daily herald newspaper, I read an article which covered the charity work done by Sammy Bennett Foundation in Budiriro and other suburbs where they were providing clean water to residents.

“I was inspired to think that if the foundation can attend to the needs of those residents, why not my daughter’s carrier whose imminent demise was at her doorstep.I plugged on to their website reading all other activities done by the foundation. I then raised my alarm on that platform. The response I got was that the Zimbabwean director, Apostle Marasha will address my welfare in which they did abundantly.

Tallisa’s father expressed gratitude on behalf of his daughter and family towards charitable deed as everything was fulfilled quite on time, and his daughter’s hope of proceeding with her studies had been reignited as she is now assured that she will proceed with the career which is usually pursued by those from financially privileged backgrounds.

On behalf of my daughter and family, we would like to say thanks to Sammy Bennett Foundation for their timeous intervention. Above all, I thank the Lord God who paves a way through the desert, the Lord who had founded such a good organization with the underprivileged at heart, he added.

Founder, Sammy Bennet Sikazwe, said her foundation started off after her and together with her husband had for long been involved in charity works donating money to orphans in Africa through various charity organizations.

However, upon realizing that some of the money was not reaching intended beneficiaries the couple was heart broken and decided to form their own foundation.

“A Kiwi (New Zealander) friend of mine suggested l start my own charity organization which l found daunting at first, then prayed about it and l thought will just give it a go. My husband suggested it to be called Sammy Bennet Foundation because it has always been my vision, said Sammy.

The foundation is currently operating in nine countries namely Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana, Zambia, Liberia, DR Congo, Ghana and Australia.

The ultimate vision of the foundation is to build orphanages all over the world.

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