SA soap Uzalo’s actor loses his voice after recovering from Covid-19

Cebolenkosi "Nyawo" Mthembu

By Entertainment reporter

South Africa’s television show, Uzalo’s actor, Cebolenkosi Mthembu known by his stage name “Nyawo” has lost his voice. 

Mthembu confirmed this to a South African media publication, through whatsapp messages.

According to the media reports, Mthembu revealed that he has been trying everything to regain his voice but nothing has been fruitful.

“I was diagnosed with Covid-19 at the beginning of this year. My father was too, he died on January 3. I was cleared of Covid after my isolation and L went  back to work. But this month my voice just disappeared.

“I went back to consult the doctor and he gave me a medication related with Covid. I have been drinking honey and Vitamin C supplements but still no change,” Nyawo told the publication.

Nyawo who is also a DJ at a community radio station, Vibe FM, also indicated that he is worried because Uzalo is about to shoot their season 7 episodes.

Despite that he is supposed to feature in many scenes for that season, Mthembu added that he is worried since he might fail to feature as a result of the disappearance of voice.

The SABC 1 Uzalo actor stressed that the development may place his career on line.

Moreover, Mthembu is an electrical engineer, studied the profession at Mangosuthu Univeristy of Technology at his native South Africa.