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Rujeko Isolation Centre in need of a revamp

by Bustop TV News

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Rujeko Isolation centre is still facing a myriad of challenges after opening in March last year, an official has said.

The facility can only accommodate 10 patients, and with the increased numbers of positive cases in the province the centre is now overwhelmed. Masvingo General Hospital is the other referral unit but can only hold up to three patients leaving Rujeko Isolation Centre to act as the main referral.

The isolation centre is running out of space and there is need to have another block which will ease the patient to doctor ratio.

In an interview Masvingo Chief Environmental Health Officer, Ngonidzashe Mapamula, indicated that complicated cases must be referred to the General hospital and to Harare, but they are failing due to the challenges being faced at the facility.

There is still need for more oxygen concentrators to help at the facility. A fortnight ago Solidar Med donated oxygen concentrator but it can only be connected to one patient at a time.

“Our bedding capacity is only for 10 patients, the oxygen concentrator we got from Solidar Med came to our rescue as we can now produce oxygen on our own but the concentrator can only be connected to one patient so there is still need for more concentrators. So, we are still calling for more donations for the facility to be run well,” he said.

He added that patients were delaying Covid-19 tests opting to do so when they present severe symptoms which in turn overwhelms the centre when they are admitted for medical treatment.

A mortuary is one of the greatest concerns at the facility.

“The Rujeko Isolation centre does not have a mortuary and not having a mortuary becomes a challenge especially when one dies as we just cover with a blanket and wait for clearance for the person to be buried. This also affects the remaining patients at the facility who must share the ward with the deceased. If we have a mortuary, at least if one passes on, will have a facility to place them before burial.”

He added that a more rigorous Covid-19 awareness campaign was required in order to debunk the myths circulating among citizens.

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