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Rugby to resume after all affiliates adhere to SRC protocols

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Trevor Makonyonga

The wait could be prolonged for the return of rugby as the Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) has indicated that the sport will only resume after all affiliates have agreed to stipulations laid down by SRC.

This was revealed by ZRU CEO, Mr Sifiso Made.

Made said that the sport will then resume in stages after affiliates have given the required feedback.

“It can only resume  when the standard operating procedues that were sent to our (offices) by the SRC are signed off on by each affiliate. Resumption will take place in stages. First is to get the SOP’s signed. Then we inspect then we apply to SRC then we play,” he said.

Rugby is one of the major sports under the medium and high risk codes which were allowed to resume by the government last week.

ZRU has laid down medical guidelines to be followed when the game eventually returns.

According to a statement from the medical team, some of the guidelines include the sanitization of balls, and the establishment of stations at the field of play and changing rooms.

“Rugby balls should be sanitised as often as possible. A recommendation would be for coaches to schedule water and sanitisation breaks every 15 minutes during a training session. This would also consistent with guidelines for training in the heat. There should be 2-3 sanitisation stations depending on the number of groups training. Social distancing should continue to be strictly adhered to at these times. The training balls can be sanitized during this time. Balls will again be sanitized pre- and post- training. This responsibility should be allocated to specific personnel.

“ Water bottles (and any other personal equipment or gear) brought to training must be clearly marked with the owner’s name and no sharing of equipment, towels or bottles is permitted; Supplements should not be mixed at the stadium – any supplements used during training should be brought by the players to training.

“There must be no spitting whatsoever on the field. Mouth guards should only be removed at water and sanitization breaks in the training session. Players must NOT blow their nose on the field – tissues must be provided at specific stations at the side of the field, with medical bins for tissue disposal. Wherever possible, rugby clubs will follow a protocol that emphasizes the use of individual equipment, minimizes the amount of time spent within the training environment and ensures adherence to current best risk-mitigation practices,” read the statement.

Meanwhile, ZRU announced a 48-member national team which is said to represent the country in 2021.

Asked on the criteria used to select the team, Made said that people misinterpret things as it is just a training list despite the communication on the said training list congratulating players selected for making the Sables.

“Unfortunately, people misinterpret things. It is a training list to get things going. Players will come in and out until we have a game.” Made said.

The following players have been selected to form part of the Sables squad for the 2021 season:
Tyron Fagan, Doug Juszczyk, Gabriel Sipapate, Simba Mandioma, Dean Makoni, Aaron Sawu, Royal Mwale, Farai Mudariki, Cleopas Kundiona, David Makanda, Jan Ferreira, Sean Beevor, Takunda Kundishora, Blithe Mavesere, Biselele Tshamala, Godfrey Muzanargwo, Mungo Mason, Seb Roche, Aiden Burne\, Tonderai Chiwambutsa.

Hilton Mudariki, Dudlee White – Sharpley, Kyle Galloway, Jason Robertson, Keith Chiwara, Tinashe Hombiro, Matthew Mcnab, Rufaro Chikwaira, Takudzwa Kumadiro, Brandon Boshi, Riaan O’Neill, Boyd Rouse, Marcus Nel, Brandon Mudzekenyedzi, Shingirai Katsvere, Shayne Makombe, Takudzwa Chieza, Maron Mangongo, Brandon Mandivenga, Tapiwa Mafura.

Invitational Players: (will take part in testing / training during camp but not part of initial squad)
David Makamba, Bornwell Gwinji, Tino Masasinure.

Jeff Makoni, Tatenda Rwenyu, Keith Murray, DusOn Andrews, Daniel Capsopoulos..

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