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Rethinking arts in a pandemic

by Bustop TV News

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo based, Blue roof actor and poet, Bernadette Mukova will be taking part in the RAP project (Friday Night Live).

She is also known for playing the roles of Cyclone or Queen.

During the fight against Covid-19, the RAP project (Friday Night Live) is a platform for artists to showcase their talent on online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in response to challenges that came with lockdown restrictions.

The COVID-19 crisis hit hard at arts, culture, and the creative economy, this includes industries such as film as well as creative occupations such as musicians, artists, performers, and artistic designers.

My Age Zimbabwe helps the arts raise awareness, demystify myths and misconceptions on the pandemic and as well entertain communities during the lockdown period.

So far Mukova has taken part in one poetry session which was 30minutes long and it is her hope that through RAP she widens her horizons.

“I did one episode which was 30minutes long and it will broaden my spectrum in terms of poetry since I am involved in quite a number of many artistic events and performances. Might end up attracting other companies and groups to work with,” she said.

Covid-19 has hit hard on artists as they cannot perform.

“Covid has brought a halt to performance hence we cannot earn. Art has been affected majorly and I have been broke since the beginning of the first lockdown. Most artists cannot even put food on the table.

“A fellow brother from Masvingo brought back the initiative and sent a call for artists to come and perform on a contract. As little as the funds were, it brought joy inside for a long time especially for me,” Mukova said.

She added that the show will help her expose herself and be more familiar with her peers and the public and might even earn tickets to more gigs and shows in the future.

The project will tap into creativity to relay World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Government health guidelines and share messages of hope demystifying myths and misconceptions about the Pandemic therefore strengthening links with their local communities.

With the aim of affirming the resilience of art in during this difficult period and in preparing for the future, the RAP project activities will consist of a series of virtual debates with renowned artists beyond Masvingo who have been doing well in this lockdown and draw support for the creative.

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