Retailers , Vendors Now Rejecting $5 Notes

By Lloyd Takawira

As the currency volatility coupled with an ever ailing economy, most vendors and retailers are now  rejecting the ZW$5 notes much to the chagrin of the economically hard  pressed Zimbabweans.

Retailers and vendors who spoke to this reporter expressed strong reservation over the ZW$5 notes with many choosing to blame farmers and wholesalers whom they say were the first to reject the smaller denominations.

A visit to Mbare Musika  fresh market revealed that most farmers are rejecting the smaller denominations. 

A farmer Mr Tinarwo Nhaurirano who sells potatoes says it is beyond his control.

“I’m not taking ZW$5 notes my brother. If l take them where am l going to use them . Most retailers are refusing them so l don’t want to risk ” says Mr Nhaurirano. 

Another fresh produce dealer at Mbare Musika  who only identified himself as Timothy Tigoni says , he started not accepting zw$5 last week
“I started rejecting these ZW$5 last week “. said Tigoni 

Quizzed on why he is not taking the ZW$5 notes , Tigoni chose to be evasive and rather blamed ‘makoronyera’ third parties or runners for the rejection of the zw$5 notes.

At Guzha popular Chikwanha fresh produce market most farmers are now rejecting the ZW$5 notes save for a few who professed ignorance on them and said they accept the zw$5. 

Philis Chioreka who sells at  tomatoes at Guzha  had this to say, ” Farmers who bring these tomatoes have started rejecting these lower denominations kare kare . If l accept them futi most of these small shops twuma tuckshops havachamade so l end up losing”.

Acting on a tip of this reporter visited some selected small wholesalers based in the downtown area of the Harare central business district. 

The survey revealed that the wholesalers are refusing the smaller denominations. 

One wholesaler who refused to be named had this to say ,”Unoda ndiverenge bhanduru rese rema five nguvai’ You want me to waste my time counting these small denominations”, the unnamed wholesalers said.

A fretting consumer who spoke to this reporter upon rejection of his bundle of ZW$5 notes attributed the rejection of the zw$5 notes to the spike in prices of basic commodities.

An economist Mr Simbarashe Makayi attributed the rejection of the ZW$5 notes to the impending injection of higher denominations ZW$50 , ZW$100 . 
Last month the ministry of finance and economic  development announced that it is planning to introduce a ZW$50 note as well as ZW$100 notes.

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