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Residents organizations help Gvt in the fight against Covid 19

by BustopTV

Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Masvingo Service Delivery Residents Ratepayers Association (MASADRA) is working towards creating awareness to the residents in the fight against the deadly virus, COVID -19 by identifying hotspots.

MASADRA has identified hot spots where there are a lot of people and take the opportunity to sanitize and educate them an official has said.

This came to light at the Information and Publicity subcommittee on COVID 19 that was held yesterday at Benjamin Urombo.

Moses Mavhudzi the Secretary General for MASADRA said that they are going to work closely with hotspots.

“We have hotspots where there are a lot of people and we cannot avoid them. The government gave us the permission to access these hotspots. At these hotspots we end up having people more than 50 or more so we came up with a plan that we have to sanitise those hotspots as an association so we go with our sanitizers and sanitize volunteers and at the same time giving them awareness. So we identified entry points like Beit Bridge, Exor, and Mutare and Harare road for travelers,” he said.

Boreholes are other hotspots that were identified.

“We went further to identify boreholes in the city as we saw they are essential as there are also water shortages and people end up being forced to go to boreholes.

“When we get to boreholes we first give them awareness before we sanitise them. We make sure we tell them of social distancing. We made observations during the process as we saw that the residents are not aware of the repercussions of this pandemic,’ said Mavhudzi.

MASADRA is also planning to move around with loud speakers and send off the message to residents and educate them f to be aware.

He also concertised the media to report positively and give people the correct information they need to know and also unite despite working for different media houses.

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