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Reasons for Yalanation, Van Choga break up still anonymous.

by BustopTV

By Kudakwashe Vhenge & Trevor Makonyonga

Rising Zim dancehall artist, Van Choga, who separate ways with Seh Calaz’s Yalanation hasn’t disclosed the reasons for their fallout.

After a relationship going close to a year which saw the artist capturing many hearts with his unpopular but funny antics, both Yalanation and Van Choga could not divulge on the reason for the split with both camps maintaining that they have respect for each other.

Speaking to Bustop TV, Yalanation boss, Seh Calaz said that he could not comment further than the press release he brought out saying that adding to the statement would make him seem as if he would be supressing Van Choga.

“I cannot comment any further than what I already said in the press release. I no longer want to be directly involved with the young man or else I will act as if I am demeaning him. I cannot say anything more,” said Calaz.

In his press statement, Yalanation said that Van Choga is the one who opted out.

“Van Choga has advised us that he now wants to pursue another direction with different people. We hold no reservations with his personal choice and thus accordingly we release him.

“We wish him the best in his journey. As Seh Calaz music and Yalanation Studios, we are proud of the part we played since we started working with Van Choga around June 2019 to date.

“We have given our all in terms of support for his career to progress,” reads the statement.

When reached for comment, Van Choga could not tell Bustop TV why he left Yalanation although his manager said that it was a tussle between personal and business interests.

His manager told Bustop TV that he would not comment on the issue and only Van Choga could speak his mind out. The chat with Van Choga was unrevaling just as the press statement he released.

Van Choga in his release said, “I would like to take this opportunity to address certain things written about me on social networks. Firstly, I can confirm that I have left Yala Nation due to circumstances I won’t divulge at this stage. I however would like to stress that my respect for Seh Calaz hasn’t changed.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Seh Calaz and Yala Nation, which has been my artistic home for the past few months. Seh Calaz took me under his wing, and provided an enabling environment for me to grow, without even judging my brand and artistic delivery. I am forever grateful.

“The past few months have been an eye opener and learning curve for me. Our Zim music industry has those we look upto, those who came before us, those who support us and those who look upto us. I can only hope that whatever we do, we grow it to the level of us competing and collaborating with others across the continent. Zim brands, keep on investing in our industry, keep the fire burning.”

Although it is not clear on why Van Choga left, the rant by one of the producers who worked with Van Choga on his album, Lazzie T seems have opened a can of worms.

In the short video Lazzie T calls out Van Choga and says he is disappointed. He insinuated that someone other than Van Choga is calling the shots hence influencing what he puts out as bad decisions.

Whatever the case maybe, the hope is that in all sincerity there is no bad blood between the two camps.

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