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Prophet T Freddy cries over the demolished church

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

Popular Harare televangelist and musician, Prophet T Freddy of the Goodness and Mercy Ministries Church wept as he recounted how his Glenview church was demolished by council.

In a Facebook video, the flamboyant preacher Tapiwa Freddy said, “I’m in pain and I cannot pretend to be strong. The city of Harare, you are the ones who gave us the land and if you had other plans you should have told us than to destroy the church.”

“Ndirikurwadziwa. Ndigangone kuzvishingisa vakomana. Ndirikurwadziwa veduwe ndirikurwadziwa. Harare City Council ndimi makatipa nzvimbo kana manga musisade maingotiudza tobva pane kutipwanyira CHURCH YAMWARI.

The popular preacher went on to describe Glenview residents as “enemies” who had orchestrated his church’s demolition.

“I received five calls and the moment I arrived at the church, the church that I loved was no more. There were people from Glen View who were celebrating regardless of the fact that I grew up there.”

“I know I have a lot of enemies in Glen View. The same people who were celebrating as Goodness and Mercy Church was being demolished are the same people who get water from a borehole at the church. Some church members have asked why I continue to give water to my enemies but I told them I will do what is right.”

“The church was on a temporary lease and we agreed with the City of Harare and we were told not to build a permanent structure.

“We used to work on projects together with the City of Harare and I even paid a contribution to their Christmas party.

“There is no way we were going to build a church on a place without agreement. We are heartbroken and I know I’m, not the only person who had a property demolished. I am fully aware that people are celebrating,” Prophet T Freddy said.

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