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“Politicians behind Winky D’s criticism”

by BustopTV

By Staff Reporter
Musicians depend much on their fans to remain relevant in music circles. Only a handful _ Alick Macheso, Jah Prayzah and Winky D _ have managed to actually have an impact on their fans who have stood with them through thick and thin.
It is, however, Winky D real name Wallace Chirumiko who has managed to stay constant in churning out hits.
Despite criticism that predicted that _ Winky D’s music dubbed “bubblegum” by the legendary musician Thomas Mapfumo would not last long _ the musician has continued to be a centre of attraction as evidenced by politically motivated criticism some of which tried to stop his new album Njema from shutting down 2019.
Winky D’s manager alleged in an interview with Bustop TV that there were very powerful politicians that funded people to criticise Njema to counter his musician’s narrative.
“Winky is being challenged by major politicians and we know some are funding to counter his narrative. There is a lot happening in music behind the scenes. Our music industry is captured by a huge force. I never knew music could be like this. Jabs are thrown at you and you can tell that the jabs have a lot of force behind them,” he said.
“Objectivity is always challenging. People are free to pass their opinion but sometimes when they do so they ignore the truth. BBC 1 Xtra has DJs giving props to Winky D and he is getting so much recognition internationally but some people will not see that. Anyway, it’s hard to please everybody. To say that sound has changed and that the album sounds old is obviously subjective. There are no boundaries to musical expressions. We worked with some big producers like Layan and Jusa Dementor who have given us many hits. Whatever the sound is changing to is for the better,”
One of the producers who worked on the album, Jusa Dementor dismissed arguments that Njema was a rushed project arguing that Winky started working on the offering in the first quarter of 2019.
“The album was not rushed, he started preparing for it after the Mugarden video. In the first quarter of 2019, he had already started working on it. The lyrical content shows that there was time given to this project.
“Besides when Njema was released it was the number one selling reggae album on Amazon. Fans packed HICC on the launch date. All these are signs that the album wasn’t a rushed production. Numbers do not lie,” he said

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