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Police raid MDC headquarters

by BustopTV

Staff Reporter

The opposition party, MDC headquarter’s, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, was today (Friday) raided by the police in search of machete and any subversive material.

The police had a search warrant granted by the Magistrate’s court.

In the search warrant presented at the MRT House, police said they had reason to believe that occupants of the building were in possession of machete with the intention to commit ‘public violence’.

“Certain article(s) that is to say: Machetes and subversive material which are concerned on reasonable grounds believed to be concerned in the commission or suspected commission of an offence of possession of articles for criminal use as defined in Section 40 (1) of Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act, Chapter 9:23 in preparation to commit public violence.

Which it is on reasonable grounds believed to be intended to be in the commission of an offence.

This is, therefore, to require you to seize the above-mentioned articles and to that end, you are authorised where necessary to search any person identified in this warrant and to enter and search the premises identified in this warrant and to search any person found in or upon those premises the warrant shall be executed by day or by night.”

Machete wielding gangs commonly referred to as Mashurugwi are committing a spate of crimes across the country’s gold rich areas.

Recently over 900 miners in possession of machetes were arrested by the police.

Hundreds of citizens have been killed, injured and some raped by the terror groups.

Parliament is yet to set up a commission of inquiry into their activities.

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