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Poet to release album

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – Masvingo Poet, Ngonidzashe Paradza is scheduled to release an album called Nduri Upenyu/ Poetry is Life in November.

The album will comprise of 13 new tracks and the tracks will be all about promoting Ubuntu in the concept of values, love and respect.

Paradza said that the album above all is comic, “It will give the audience a time to laugh and forget about the problems they are facing currently,” he said.

He described the album as a pill.

“The album promotes social solidarity and encourages young people to work hard and help the government to build our country then wait for politicians and government. Principles of Ubuntu have to be preserved values, love and respect.

“It is a pill that wills easy all the social political and economic hardships the Zimbabwean are facing right now. We cannot hard from the challenges we are facing but at least we should also try to put smiles on our faces as if everything is okay,” said Paradza.

Paradza wants his audiences to be at peace through his album.

“My fans and others this time around should anticipate a new genre of poetry, different from the one they are used to, the type of poetry I used to do. The album will be something unheard of, it will be there to quench the desires of the citizens as l know they will enjoy it and will be happy to the extent of forgetting their troubles,’ he said.

Last Friday the poet won the Outstanding Poet award in the province at the Masvingo Music and Arts Awards and last month again he walked away with the Peoples’ Choice Award at the Masvingo Achievement Awards.

“I am humbled with the awards l have received so far and it means a lot to me and the rest of the poetry movement. We are creating space for poetry, something that people looked down upon. So poetry to the fullest as poetry is life,” said the Poet.

 Paradza is also going to be part of the African Poetry Slam in November and he qualified to represent Zimbabwe and battle it out with other representatives from other countries and at the same time he is submitting for NAMA and he is optimistic something positive will come out of it.

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