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People living with disabilities appeal for relief aid.

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – People living with disabilities have appealed for help as they are facing a tough time during the national lockdown which has threatened livelihoods.

The Disability Amalgamation Community Trust president, Purazeni Jakata said there is need to assist people living with disabilities with food aid during lockdown.

The national lockdown has affected many people and those living with disabilities have not been spared.

“People living with disabilities are facing a huge challenge and we are appealing for help during this national lockdown. They seem to have been forgotten yet they are the ones who seriously need us in times like this.

“We are calling on government and well wishers to come and help. They should also make sure all persons living with disabilities get cushion allowances as this will also bring change in their lives and at least be able to buy food commodities,” he said.

Jakata added that as an organisation, they are advocating for the rights of people living with disabilities and as such want to see change.

“Let us all as a country have a good heart and help the vulnerable groups, we should not segregate them but help them as much as we can. We have been getting help but still it is not enough we still need more,” said Jakata.

One person living with disabilities interviewed by Bustop TV she said the national lockdown has greatly affected them as food to feed their families has become a challenge.

“We have people who come and make donations for the people with disabilities but it is not on a daily basis that they come through. Our organisation is playing its part in making sure that we are being well catered for and that is why they are now calling for need to help people living with disabilities.

Life has not been easy for us, some of us we survived on hand to mouth and with the coming of the national lockdown, it has become a challenge for us and food has become a challenge for us. My hope is that we get help and we plea with the government not to forget about us,” she said.

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