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Pah Chihera denies nagging Jackie

by BustopTV

By Own Correspondent

Popular musician Pah Chihera has refuted claims that she is begging for Jackie Ngarande’s handbag after the latter hadposted on her Facebook “helping platform”.


Chihera has since claimed innocents saying that Ngarandeshould have noted that it was not her official Facebook page which had posted and if she cared enough could have contacted her in  person. 

“I would like to believe it would have registered in her mind that this is Pah Chihera the singer and somehow she should have come to my inbox to check,” posted Chihera.

The denial came after media socialite Ngarande had posted complaining that Chihera was distressing her on social media over her handbag request.

Veduwe kana ndichipa munhu chinhu ndomupa ndega ndanzwafrom Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook ndichingonzi ndipoo…” lamented Ngarande.


The social media identity believed to be impersonating the Rwunonzi Rudo hit maker visibly shows not much resemblance except for the almost similar spellings of the name Pa Chihera without an (h).

In one of the post the alleged impersonator posted, “Hie Jackie wakaisa post dea yekuti taura chauri kuda u nvr know kuneanacho, inini ndakati I want yr handbag ne jacket zvawakapfekaon your pro l’m sure kuti my wish was available but handisatindawana”. 


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