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Opposition party supporters denied food aid

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

GUTU – ZANU PF councillor for Gutu Ward 10 has reportedly said members of opppsition political parties will not be given any food aid.

At a meeting held in Mudonhi village under Chief Chitsa, the councillor said only ZANU PF card-carrying members will get aid from social welfare.

The Provincial Social Welfare Officer Stanislaus Sanyangowe however dismissed this saying councilors do not have the authority to distribute social welfare food aid.

“Social welfare food aid is distributed by social welfare officers using official beneficiaries’ lists and no one should be denied food aid as food aid is not for certain political parties. So if food aid is being denied to other people are being denied food aid, this is uncalled for. Everyone must benefit from food aids as everyone is in need of food aid especially now during the national lockdown.

No Councilors must distribute food aid and have no authority over the food aid,” said Sanyangowe.

Mudonhi refuted the allegations saying he only called for a meeting to tell the MDC-A supporters to stop holding meetings and campaigns during the national lockdown.

“I called the meeting because MDC A supporters are holding meetings without face masks and I have to stop them. I never said that food aid is for Zanu PF supporters only. l am not distributing any food aid and l have no authority over it,” said Mudonhi.

People who are properly listed on the Social Welfare records are being denied the food aid and only focusing and giving out food aid to Zanu PF members
“The councilor openly old us that we will not receive food aid because we speak ill of ZANU-PF. The village head supported him and reassured him that non-Zanu PF card holders will not receive frome food aid.

Right now we are in shortage of food and facing a challenge during times like these when we are faced with national lockdown. The law must take action because we are suffering,” said one villager.

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