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Olinda Chapel still in love with her ex-husband Stunner

by BustopTV

By Ruvimbo Makombe

Popular socialite Olinda Chapel is believed to be still in love with her ex-husband Desmond “Stunner” Chideme. This was after her live video on Instagram in which she appears listening to Stunner’s song called “Ndoenda” featuring Guspy Warrior which was dedicated to her after the two broke up last year.

According to the comments on the video the viewers were commenting that Olinda is still in love with Stunner because of the reactions on her video.

When Olinda was singing along to the song, emotions were visibly written all over her face.

She was dedicating this song to her resent ex-husband and musician Tytan whom she briefly married after breaking up with Stunner  . in the song Olinda would be quoting Stunner’s words “handirove mukadzi hazvisi muyangu system” mesmerizing them to Tytan saying “handirove murume hazvisi muyangu system” .

Throughout the video, the comment section indicated that Olinda ‘s fans are worried about her, mental, and emotional well being after having gone through a series of breakups. Olinda Chapel has two marriage breakdowns which went viral on all social media platforms during the last two years.

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