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Nutty O confirms Military Touch departure.

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

Just as we hinted on yesterday, the ABX team has released a statement announcing that they have parted ways with Military Touch Movement (MTM).

In a statement, ABX manager Byron Kabaira finally put the apple in basket putting an end to the rumours that had been tossed to and fro in the media about where the relationship between ABX and MTM stand.

Kabaira said, “I hope this finds you well and in good health especially in these trying times when the world faces a common enemy: Covid-19. As an entertainment brand we hope that you continue to stay served from the comfort of your homes.

In light of the recent events that have fueled multiple sentiments as well as the speculation of Nutty O’s MTM exit I feel it can only be put to rest with an official statement making clear what needs to be.

“Nutty O joined MTM at the fall of 2016 with the official label work commencing in January 2017. This move still remains one of the brand milestones having received the privilege to work alongside a heavyweight talent like Jah Prayzah. Over the years the Nutty O brand has continued to grow both home and abroad and it is unthinkable not to appreciate how much the MTM association has helped prop up the Nutty O brand where possible.”

Kabaira also said that he wished to have their brand grow and that Nutty O needed to discover his path.

“We wish to put it on record that Nutty O will be leaving the MTM arrangement purely for growth reasons. One can only conquer the forests by walking through them. It will always not be easy setting foot on unchattered ground but it is through exploration that great discoveries come. With everything learnt we hope to continue pursuing the ABX Vision simply summarized as ‘the never ending pursuit of growth. We call upon the support of anyone who believes in ABX and what we seek to achieve as a homegrown Zimbabwean brand aiming to carry the national flag to the global stage. Nutty O will not be extinguishing his affiliation with MTM but exploring a different working space. Keep enjoying the music and don’t forget to share with your family and friends; that’s the easiest way you can help to grow the Nutty O brand”, he added.

It looks like MTM has now disbanded with artists focusing on their solo careers and brands.

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