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Norton Recording Stable Joins Fight Against Substance Abuse

by Bustop TV News

By Trevor Makonyonga

Norton based recording stable, City Shakers Records has joined the fight against drug abuse in the country.

In its latest offering, a riddim titled ‘Against Guka’ the record label speaks against various socio-economic woes ravaging societies.

Speaking to Bustop TV, City Shakers managing producer, Elington ‘Mandebvu’ Maisiri said they hoped to engage more youths through dancehall music which is popular among them.

“Against Guka is a riddim produced to address the socio- economic impact of the drug that has terrorised the youths around the country.

“Guka is believed to be a substance which is highly toxic in terms of its strongness in a way that it deviates the mind of one’s soul from current problems to some imaginery heaven.

“One may either become docile or confused for the purposes of shunning away from the problems their are facing in the community,” he said.

Norton has in recent weeks been marred by a series of petty crimes and even murder cases.

Maisiri added that use of this drug might be behind the rise of crime.

“We believe that Guka is causing young people not to sleep at night which leads to loss of memory, short sightedness, violent acts such as robbery, theft an also domestic violence.

“So we as City Shakers Records we have to become a recording label that can uphold true humanity principles by advocating for an end to the uptake of this vicious drug.

“The riddim is there to enlighten the youths that Guka is not good for their healthy, social behaviours, visions and also dreams at large.

“We as City Shakers Records are preaching a gospel of unity and purpose amongst youths in fighting against this terrible drug because it also limits their creativity and innovation since their are the examplaries of the society of tomorrow.”

The riddim produced Tendai “Tritan” Amos is open to all artists and seeks to motivate the youth to pursue their dreams and discourage people from taking in harmful drugs.

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