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Norton pastor pockets donations.

by BustopTV

By Staff Reporter

Norton based pastor, Davison Chakaipa who took to social media pleading for donations on behalf of the Mutanda orphans has been accused of diverting the funds for his personal use.

Chakaipa a former United Family International Church (UFIC) pastoral attached has failed to account for the funds sent to him by well-wishers for the Mutanda family’s welfare.

An investigation carried out by Bustop TV revealed that the pastor had indeed siphoned some of the money.

Speaking to this publication, a well wisher who sent money to the pastor’s accounts said he had had to press the cleric to get confirmation which only came a week later.

“We were touched by the story of the orphans and ordinarily we were bound to get hold of the person who posted the story. We then combined and sent through money but we had to struggle to get the confirmation. The money was only sent to the intended recipient five days later. There is definitely something wrong with the way he is handling the money.”

Screenshots of chats obtained by Bustop TV showed that the pastor had confirmed to the oldest of the Mutanda children that he had used the money to buy fuel for his vehicle.

Reached for a comment by this publication, Chakaipa asked, “who said so” before abruptly hanging up.

The oldest sister also confirmed that of the money sent to the pastor, only that amount which he was pressed to release is all she received.

Other well-wishers who wished to continue supporting the family through the pastor were informed that he was no longer taking donations but had expressed eagerness to receive donations when contacted by this reporter.

This publication further found out that controversy always stalks the pastor as he had left UFIC after he began holding deliverance services and running pseudo church services at his home collecting offerings which he didn’t turn in to the local church.

A former church member said, “Pastor Chakaipa is very good person but it is his integrity that is questionable. Other than that he is a nice person.”

Pastor Chakaipa managed to attract prominent people who include soccer legend, Stewart Murisa who celebrated his 48th birthday at the orphans’ place.

A poster was made in support of the orphans and funds could still be trickling in to the pastor.

The campaigners of the poster are now encouraging well wishers to send through their donations straight to Munashe Mutanda on +263782614700

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