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Njube Teacher flees the country

by BustopTV

By Trevor Makonyonga

The Bulawayo teacher accused of inciting Njube High School children to demonstrate against the government has reportedly fled the country.

The high school teacher, Brian Mutsiba, told VOA Studio 7 Shona that he skipped the country because he was afraid of being victimized.

Contrary to several reports that the masterminded the demonstrations, Mutsiba said he had only joined his pupils as he believed in them.

“I joined the students because I believed in their cause. I could not let them demonstrate alone. The time we came back to the school there were police officers, military intelligence, central intelligence and prison intelligence looking for me. This was supposed to be a law and order case but I was surprised to see all these people. I left the country. I don’t trust this government at all when they really need someone they will track you but i think I am safe where I am.”

When reached for a comment by Bustop TV Njube headmaster, Zibusiso Msimanga refused to comment.

“I will not comment on that. I think I told you people (media) that you have to stop asking me questions on this issue. We told you where to go already.”

Efforts to reach the Ministry of Education for a comment were fruitless.

According to a police statement, on Monday, 20 January 2020 morning, the accused Brian Mutsiba incited over 153 form one, three and six students to partake in an unlawful demonstration.

It is said that the accused removed the portrait of the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe from the school staff room and went on to un-hoist the National Flag from its mast.

He then exited the school gate leading students whom he had “mobilised” for the demonstration.

The group was chanting slogans, singing as they waved placards.

Some of the placards were inscribed “Where is UNICEF?”, “This is for every Zimbabwean child” and “SOS serve our souls” while other students carried President Mnangagwa’s portrait and the Zimbabwean flag.

Reasons for the demonstration include fees hike which was increased from $92-00 to $440-00, paltry teachers salaries, teachers not attending lessons, beneficiaries of the BEAM programme paying only half of the total fees and high cost of living.

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