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NGOs commemorate Menstrual hygiene day: donate sanitary wear to St Catherines Special School

by Bustop TV News

By Tafadzwa Chigandiwa

Local non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) led by Humrel Supply Chain Group, Friday donated re-usable and disposable sanitary wear to St Catherines Special School (Zimcare Trust Junior Centre) in Harare.

Bustop TV, OxFam, Unicef, Tasha’s Hyiene, Windmill, BowerBrands and African Development Fund were part of the initiative.

The gesture was part of the organisations’ Menstrual Health Day (MHD) 2021 commemorations under the theme, “Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health.”

Speaking at the event held at Zimcare Trust in Eastlea, Harare, Humrel group director, Patience Foya said the sanitary wear will last for at least three years.

She also conducted a demonstration to the children and all those that were present on how the pads are used, indicating that there are suitable for all type of flows.

“We would like to thank every organisation that contributed towards this gesture. We have donated reusable and disposable sanitary pads to all girl students here at St Catherines School.

“Reusable pads can last upto 3 years without any effect as long as they are kept in a hygienic enviroment. The sanitary pads are also sutiable for light, medium and high flows,” she said.

The school’s Acting Headmistress, Charity Gunda expressed gratitude to the organisations.

“As St Catherines School we are delighted and very much thank to the donation that we got from these organisations. We thank God because our learners have been remembered,” she said.

She however added that due to their disabilities some pupils will not be able to wash their re-usable pads.

“Not all of them will wash them (Pads) by themselves, we have other pupils who are not able to do their laundry, so we have metrons who will assist them by washing the used pads.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the school’s day to day running.

Menstrual hygiene day is celebrated annually on the 28th of May.

It was initiated by the German’s WASH United organisation in 2013 and officially celebrated globally in 2014.

Its vision is aimed at empowering all women and young girls to practice good menstrual hygiene.

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