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New notes and coins to start circulating today : BAZ

by BustopTV

By Lloyd Takawira

Speaking to the media yesterday Bankers Association of Zimbabwe vice president Mr Ralph Watungwa revealed banks received 30 million cash from the RBZ and the new notes and coins will start circulating today the 12th November .

“I can confirm that the new notes are being taken from the central bank and normal processes for takeover of the notes are underway,” he said.

“Some banks have already collected the notes while others are still in the process. The public was expecting to hold the cash today, but it’s a process. As BAZ we are confirming that the banks will start dispensing the new notes tomorrow (today).”

Meanwhile the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) also confirmed that account holders should be able to start accessing their $300 weekly cash withdrawal rations starting today .

Dr Mangudya said all banks to start dispensing the new notes and coins today.

“Those ones that were able to be served in the morning should be able to give their customers.”

Yesterday early in the morning long winding que’s could be seen at most banking halls .

Account holders who spoke to this reporter expressed dissatisfaction .

One Masimba had this to say

“hatizivi kuti zvikumbofambasei tanga tichifunga kuti mari yacho yavamo asi now the bank manager has said hatina mari nhasi ”

Another account holder Daniel said ” ini ndakafara ndichinzwa President wachiti aaa ma ATM achange akurutsa mari zvino ndezvipi apa “

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