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New contraceptive for women now accessible

by Kudakwashe Vhenge

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – A new family planning method for women titled SaYana press is now available for women and is considered to be the most favorable, Zimbabwe National; Family Planning Council, ZNFPC announced.  

The contraceptive is said to be a short term and lasts up to three months and will be available in Masvingo at the PSI New Start Centre. In an interview with the ZNFPC provincial marketing and communications officer, Herbert Chikosi said the contraceptive is an injection and one can inject them.

“Roll out of the contraceptive began last week on Monday with ZNFPC clinics in Mashonaland East, Matabeleland South and Matabeleland South and Matabeleland North. Masvingo province is not part of the pilot project. 

The contraceptive has gained precedence over other contraceptives as it is self injectable, “It is self- injectable and adds to the method mix to ensure that family planning is your choice, one can have it at home thereby reducing transport costs. It will be easily accessible and will be easy for women as they will not have to travel most of the times when the contraceptive expires like the others we have,” he said.

The injection is not for free one will have to pay US$3 or $168 for future use. There has been emphasis on the injection that it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

In an interview with one female, Patience Chitekero said that she hope the contraceptive will be the best as most contraceptives are giving women a hard time.

“It was high time we got a new contraceptive, the ones we have are giving us a hard time as women as there are a lot of side effects being involved. It is my prayer that it will not give us a hard time like the depo provera.

“Contraceptives should be user friendly and should not give us hard time coping up. The new contraceptive l am going to give it a try and hope it will work for me,” she said.

One male counterpart said that more contraceptive methods should be made available for women so that they do not limit themselves, there should be more contraceptive ways women can choose from. 

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