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Netball league enhancing women’s lives 

by BustopTV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo  In a bid to nurture local talent, Masvingo Social Netball League has helped women in Masvingo realise they have the potential to make it in the world of netball.

The Masvingo Social Netball League is not just a league for fun but it is a league that has benefited women in the province through endurance, entertainment, exposure to other teams and monetary value. 

The netball league is working towards forming one strong team.

“Our league will end in January and the first and second teams will merge and become one team we are going to call Masvingo Netball team. We want the team to compete at national level so will be competing in the Eastern Region.

Masvingo must be recognized on the national map, there is lack of female sports in Masvingo and no recognition when it comes to the province so the social league and the team that will take part in the Eastern region will enhance the visibility of sports in Masvingo and take them to different places. We want our players to be out in the open both nationally and internationally. Exposure is the way to go for our girls and the league is going to take them places, l believe,” said the Chairman of the league and also coach for Rockstars netball team; Rocky Chirindo Kamuzondo.

The formation of one team will help identify talent.

‘Despite the formation of the team will have next year, the social league will still stand and this will help us identify talent in the province for competition. Those with the talent will go places, hence the need to fight for the province to be recognised. Other players are being recognised by different schools and they are now on scholarships and this is a positive move for the league,” said Kamuzondo.

Memory Chikowo, who plays for Manyame Queens one of the teams in the social league also, applauded the league and how it has benefitted her.

“I started playing netball since I was still at school, l play as a goal shooter. The formation of the league came as a blessing to me as I then continued with my dreams; it is always a great gratification to follow ones dreams and I am following mine. Beside the monetary value l am getting, fitness is of essentiality and socialization has been a benefit for me,” said Chikowo. 

Next week, the league is going to have a tournament at Mucheke stadium where US$250 has been set aside for the winners and participants.

The league was formed this year in February after leaving the central region league, Renel league. The league started with seven teams and now they are 14 teams but 12 are participating.

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