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Nephew strikes, kills aunt over witchcraft allegations.

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By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – 79-year-old Diana Munyenyiwa had her last breathe after Evans Bhurusa of Maredzo Village under chief Ndanga struck her with a stone on the head after she accused her of practising witchcraft.

The police confirmed the incident.

Evans (23) picked a farm brick and hit her aunt on her left leg while she was sweeping her yard. As Munyenyiwa was trying to flee for her life after she saw how Bhurusa was becoming violent, Bhurusa picked a stone and unleashed it on his victim’s head leading to her death later on.

Acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa said the incident took place on the 20 November at around 8 am. The body was taken to Musiso Mission Hospital for postmortem.

“The incident has been confirmed and a report came of a murder involving a Zaka man and his aunt. He was accusing his aunt of witchcraft and this leads to him stoning his aunt to death over witchcraft. The suspect has since been arrested and is assisting the police with the investigations. He is expected to appear in court soon on charges of murder,” he said.

On the fateful day Bhurusa was at home together with his brother and aunt Munyenyiwa.  He said at that time, Bhurusa started accusing his aunt of witchcraft and that is when he picked a farm brick and struck her on her left leg. The young brother advised his aunt to flee from the scene and before she could flee away, Bhurusa picked up a stone and hit his victim again on the head and she fell unconsciously.

Police said that she sustained a deep cut on the head and was bleeding and that is when his brother Morgan told the other villagers leading to Munyenyiwa being rushed to Musiso Mission Hospital but upon arrival, she was pronounced dead.

A report led to the arrest of Bhurusa.

Members of the public were advised not to make decisions when they are angry but rather seek counselling first said Ass Insp Dehwa.

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